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2) Materials such as owner's manuals and related product information are intended Agreement, please download the software/file using the link below. PDF. After reading this manual, please keep it for later Korg dealer or the store where the equipment was .. the AX30G's pedal jack, but this is not a malfunction . Title Slide of Korg AX30G Korg AX30G Korg AX30G Upcoming SlideShare. Loading in 5. ×. 1. 1 of

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Korg Ax30g Manual.pdf

KORG AX30G- Users Manual - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Korg Effects unit Manual. Download KORG AX30G USERMANUAL HUN service manual & repair info To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. out of Download KORG AX30G- Users Manual Korg Effects unit Manual korg triton le manual - manual pdf korg x5d manual korg.

In order to enjoy long years of trouble-free service, please read this manual carefully. Precautions Location Handle with care Avoid using the unit in the following types of location, since Avoid applying excessive force to the switches or knobs, this may cause malfunctions. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the exterior when necessary. Never use solvents such as benzene or thinner, cleaning -ln locations where there is heavy vibration. This product is warranted for one year after the date of Be sure that the AC outlet is the correct voltage as marked download. Service will be free of charge, but this will not on the power supply. When the unit is not in use, unplug the apply unless the warranty form has been properly completed AC adaptor from the AC outlet. Be sure to have the salesperson complete the warranty form, and keep it in a safe place. Electrical interference with other devices This product uses microcomputer circuitry, and thus in some Keep this manual cases may cause noise to be heard in radios or televisions For future reference, keep this manual in a safe place after operated nearby. Locate this product at a sufficient distance you read it.

However the names given for Program switches 2 and 3 are the Effect Group names. The calibration setting you make here will affect only the Tuning function Q" p. The calibration setting cannot be written.

Use the dial to set the calibration value. Normally this will be Hz. Other functions Chapter 5. Other functions These functions can be used whether you are in Play mode or Edit mode.

IPE Integrated Parameter Edit A certain amount of experience is needed if you wish to adjust individual parameters for each effect parameter in Edit mode. When you rotate the dial, a number will appear at the right of the IPE name in the LCD display, and the lower line will show the corresponding effect name. The variations available for selection will depend on the specified chain as shown in the table below.

If the program uses chains 1 and 2 i. DRIVE Other functions Pressure parameter edit When a program that can use the Pressure pedal is selected, you can select the effect that the Pressure pedal or a connected Expression pedal will control, and set the depth of control.

The parameters available for selection are listed in the table in "Using the Pressure pedal Expression pedal " 0" p. The LCD display will show the parameter in uppercase characters long name will be abbreviated.

For the parameter you select here, the Pressure pedal will take priority in determining the value, rather than the parameter value specified in Edit mode Effect Parameter Edit. J Use the dial to make settings.

HOLD in step. In a program that is able to use WAH. BEND in step. If you change the chain configuation while in Chain Edit or Variation Edit, or while making IPE settings, the settings made in step will be canceled. If you wish to use the Pressure pedal or Expression pedal to control an effect, be sure to turn that effect on C7' p. If you wish to save an edited program, be sure to perform the Program Write operation.

If you select another program, or if. Noise reduction settings The reduction gain for noise reduction can be set independently for each program. The lower line will show the blinking value. OdB - Increasingly negative - settings will result in greater noise reduction. Normally, you should make settings so that noise is not obtrusive when the guitar strings are lightly muted.

When you finish making settings, press the Noise Heduction key or the EdiVExit key to return to the previous mode. Total level settings The output level can be set independently for each program. Make settings to keep an appropriate balance with other programs. For example you might set a lower program volume for background playing and a higher program volume for solo playing.

The Compare function While editing a program, you can recall the settings that were last written into that program number, and compare them with the settings you are currently making. This is called the Compare function. You can also view the original values. However it is not possible to edit the values being recalled.

The upper line of the LCD display will show the Compare indicator [CMP] , and the original value of the displayed parameter the value of the written parameter will be displayed. You can also play your instrument to hear the original written effect. If the chain configuration or the variation has been changed, it will not be possible to view the original values.

Please be aware of this in order to avoid executing an unintended operation. The Bypass function The AX30G allows you to use a Program switch to switch between the sound processed by the selected effect and the bypass sound the unprocessed sound. CD In Play mode, press and immediately release the Program switch of the currently selected program, and the effect will be bypassed. Pressing another Program switch will also turn Bypass off, and the selected effect will be heard.

Press the Program switch that is lit Note: However if you wish to hear the edited sound, you must turn Bypass off. The operation of writing a program into the User area is called Program Write.

The source program number will be shown at the left side of the lower line, and the destination program number will be shown at the right side. U23 Program number of source Program number of writing destination If the source is a User program, the source program number Uxx will be displayed in both the left and right sides.

If the source is a Preset program, the writing destination will initially be U When you execute the Program Write opereiion, the previous contents of the writing destination will be overwritten by the newly written data.

This Program Write function can also be used to arrange the order of programs. For example. Write the program you wish to use second into U This will make it easy for you to switch programs during a performance. However you should remember that the previous data in a program memory will be lost when new data is written into that memory.

Effect parameter list Chapter 6.

All user reviews for the Korg AX30G

Effect parameter list The pre equalizer setting that comes before the distortion provides a variety of tones. Freq Hz - 8kHz sets the frequency at which overtones will be emphasized Frequency Blend adjusts the amount of processed sound to mix into the original sound.

Mod1 This group of mono input effects provides modulation-type effects. Speed 0. Effect parameter list 6: When the Pressure pedal is used, unique pitch bending-type effects can be created. Freq OHz - Hz sets the frequency of the carrier signal Frequency Balance adjusts Ihe balance between the direct sound and processed sound.

Effect parameter list 4: Depending on the Type setting it can also function as a random oscillator. LDlyTime 5ms - ms adjusts the left delay time L Delay Time R Diy Time 5ms - ms adjusts the right delay time R Delay Time L Feedback adjusts the left feedback level R Feedback adjusts the right feedback level High Damp adjusts the amount of high damping L Balance adjusts the left balance between the direct sound and the effect sound R Balance adjusts the right balance between the direct sound and the effect sound Ducking adjusts the sensitivity of the ducking effect that decreases the level of the effect sound when the input level increases 2: Diy Time 10ms - ms adjusts the delay time 1Delay Time Feedback adjusts the feedback level High Damp adjusts the amount of high damping L Balance adjusts the left balance between the direct sound and the effect sound R Balance adjusts the right balance between the direct sound and the effect sound Ducking adjusts the sensitivity of the ducking effect that decreases the level of the effect sound when the input level increases 5: Program list Chapter 7.

Indicates programs with Pressure Pedal assignment. Troubleshooting Chapter 8. Troubleshootlnq If the AX30G does not perform the way you expect, check the following points first. If this does not solve the problem, contact your dealer or a Korg service center.

No sound Are the guitar and amp or headphones corrected to the correct jack? Is the amp power turned on and is it set correctly?

AX30G/Owner's Manual

Is a cable broken? Check Are the ettects in a chain turned on? Turn the effect on a p. Is the Balance parameter set to O? Set the Balance parameter to an appropriate value. For details on effects that have a Balance parameter, refer to the sections for Mod2 and Ambience in "Chapter 6. Effect parameter list" ap.

Have you correctly selected the parameter to be controlled Is an Expression pedal connected to the Volume pedal jack by the Pressure pedal Expression pedal and made set to Minimum? Expression pedal turned on? Are you using an appropriate cable? Turn the effect on r:: Cannot select programs Are you in Play mode? Output Level knob to an appropriate volume. Effects are not applied Is Bypass turned off?

Korg AX30G Manual.pdf

Turn Are you in Play mode? Bypass off a p. Specifications and options Chapter 9. These products are warranted by the KORG distributor only in each country. This requirement is for your own protection and safety. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Elon Musk: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta.

The Innovators: Devil in the Grove: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. This offered all the facilities of a valve-amplified Leslie cabinet, controlled by an algorithm called IPE — the Integrated Parameter Editing system — which linked the speeds and acceleration of the rotors.

Despite the G4's low cost and diminutive appearance, it produced superb results, making any organ-like patch sound as though it had emerged from the guts of a gritty, dusty old C3.

However, as already mentioned, it was neither the synths nor the low-cost effects that were the year's big news. This came at the other end of the market For the previous decade or so, academics had been investigating a new method of synthesis called Physical Modelling, which used digital signal processing to recreate the responses and nuances of real or imagined musical instruments.

As the price of DSP technology fell, it was only a matter of time before someone launched a commercial synth which used modelling as its primary sound engine, so it was no great surprise when Korg announced that they were about to do so. What was a surprise, however, was the nature of the instrument.

KORG AX30G- Users Manual - [PDF Document]

Described at the time as looking like a Knightsbridge toilet seat, it was the Wavedrum. In keeping with so many of Korg's off-the-wall developments, the Wavedrum was to quote one engineer within the company "the quintessential happy accident". Apparently, one of the senior engineers in Japan had an interest in ethnic percussion, and was keen to apply new ideas to percussion synthesis. Only a company as entrepreneurial as Korg would have given him the time and facilities to develop his ideas, but — at first — it seemed that the gamble would pay off.

The Wavedrum was very well received wherever it was demonstrated, and the magazine reviews were uniformly favourable. Everyone was excited by the way that percussionists could play a huge range of sounds, and change them depending upon where — and how hard — they hit the drum skin mounted on top of the unit.

You needed the RE1 Remote Controller to get the best from the sound generator, but nobody seemed to object to that. However, the market for the Wavedrum was tiny. Furthermore, the cost of a single Wavedrum was equivalent to that of a complete PCM-based MIDI drum kit, and approximately three times that of a budget drum kit including the stands and cymbals.

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