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    Home» Sansthan Literature» Sai Satcharitra» मराठी. साई सत्चरित्र. Prastavana. Preview Download. Index. Preview Download. Upodghat. Chapter1 · Chapter2 · Chapter3 · Chapter 4 · Chapter5 · Chapter6 · Chapter7 · Chapter8 · Chapter 9 · Chapter 10 · Chapter11 · Chapter 12 · Chapter He, by Baba's grace, had the privilege to compose, in Marathi, Sree Sai Samartha Satcharita, a Gita for Sai devotees. (Download complete set) or (pdf format).

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    Sai Charitra In Marathi Pdf

    Sai Satcharitra In Marathi (THE WONDERFUL LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF SHRI SAI BABA Adapted f). Sri Sai Satcharitra TAMIL PDF · Sri Sai Satcharitra BENGALI PDF · Sri Sai Satcharitra MARATHI PDF · Sri Sai Satcharitra SINDHI PDF · Sri Sai Satcharitra. SHRI SAI BABA. Adapted from the original Marathi book by Hemadpant by. Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji, B.A., L.L.B.. , Thalakwadi, Belgaum. changes to the .

    In he took permission from Sai Baba to write a biography of Sai Baba. Because of his family duties and job he could not write much till he retired in By the time Baba died he could write only two chapters out of 53 chapters. Actual work started on the book in when Mr. Dabholkar became the Treasurer of first managing committee of Sai Sansthan. Due to no previous experience of writing a book, very little knowledge of facts about Baba, he only blessed him to write but did not provide any information about himself. Dabholkar stated copying the contents from fifteenth century Marathi Classic text Sree Guru Charitra by Gangadhar Saraswati about the life of Dattatreya and his two major incarnation. Most of the inputs are from Sree Guru Charita even he kept the title of the book almost similar to take advantage of popularity of previous book. The book got published in

    He was not, he say, qualified to write the work, but the gracious blessings of Baba enabled him to complete the undertaking; and thus you have this Satcharita which is a Somakant jewel, from which nectar in the form of Sai Leelas oozes out for the readers to drink to their hearts' content. Whenever, a devotee had complete and whole-hearted devotion to Sai Baba, all his calamities and dangers were warded off and his welfare attended to by Baba.

    Damu Anna The readers are aware that a mention of this gentleman was made in the 6th Chapter, regarding the celebration of Rama-Navami festival in Shirdi. He went to Shirdi about the year , when the Rama-Navami Utsava-celebration began and from that time he has been providing an ornamental flag for that occasion every year.

    He also feeds the poor and the fakirs that come there for the festival. His Speculations : 1 Cotton A Bombay friend of Damu Anna wrote to him, that they should do some cotton-speculation business in partnership which would bring them about two lacs of rupees as profit. Damu Anna says in his statement made about the year to Mr. Narasimha Swami that the proposal about speculating at Bombay in cotton was from a broker who was not to be a partner, and that he Damu Anna was to be the sole adventurer: - vide P.

    The broker wrote that the business was good and involved no risks and that the opportunity should not be lost. Damu Anna was oscillating in his mind. He could not at once determine to venture in the speculation. He thought about this and as he was a devotee of Baba, he wrote a detailed letter to Shama giving all the facts and requested him to consult Baba and take His advice in the matter.

    Shama got the letter next day and when he came with it at noon to the Masjid and placed it before Baba. He asked Shama what the matter was, and what the paper letter was about.

    He replied that Damu Anna of Nagar wanted to consult Him about something. Then Baba said - "What does he write, and what does he plan? It seems that he wants to catch the sky and that he is not content with what God has given him; read his letter". Shama than said, "The letter contains what you have just said now.

    Oh, Deva you sit here calm and composed and agitate the devotees and when they get restless, you draw them here, some in person and others through letters. If you know the contents of the latter, why do you then press me to read it?

    I speak at random and who believes Me. Let him be content with the half loaf bread he has now and let him not bother himself about lacs. Reading it, he found that all his hopes and prospects about lacs of rupees as profit were dashed to the ground.

    Shri Sai Baba

    He thought that he had done a mistake in consulting Baba. But as Shama had hinted in the reply that there was always much difference in seeing and hearing and that, therefore, he should come to Shirdi personally and see Baba.

    He thought it advisable to go to Shirdi and consult Baba personally about the affair. So he went to Shirdi, saw Baba, prostrated himself before Him and sat shampooing His legs.

    Sai Satcharitra Hindi

    He had no courage to ask Baba openly about the speculation, but he thought in his mind, that it would be better if some share in the business should be assigned to Baba and said in his mind, that if Baba were to help him in this transaction, he would surrender some share of profits to Him. Damu Anna was thus thinking secretly in his mind, but nothing was veiled from Baba; everything past, present and future were clear to Him as an Amalaka fruit in hand.

    A child wants sweets, but its mother gives bitter pills; the former spoil its health, while the latter improve it. So the mother looking to the welfare of her infant, coaxes it and gives it bitter pills. Baba, kind mother as He was, knew the present and future prospects of His devotees, and therefore reading Damu Anna's mind, He openly spoke to him - "Bapu, I do not want to be entangled in any such wordly things sharing profits. Baba read also this thought and said to him, "You will be downloading at five seers and selling at seven seers a rupee".

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    So this business was also given up. The rice in the prices of grains was kept up for some time, and Baba's prophecy seemed to be falsified, but in a month or two there was abundant rain everywhere and the prices suddenly fell down; and, therefore, those who stored grains suffered a severe loss.

    Damu Anna was saved from this fate. Needless to say that the cotton speculation which was conducted by the broker with the help of another merchant also collapsed with a severe loss to the adventurers. After seeing that Baba had saved him from two severe losses in cotton and grain speculations, Damu Anna's faith in Baba grew strong and he remained a true devotee of Baba till His passing away and even now. Amra-Leela Mango miracle Once a parcel of about good mangoes was received at Shirdi.

    When it was opened, all the mangoes were found to be in a good condition.

    They were given in Shama's charge and only four were retained and placed in the kolamba pot by Baba. He said that, "These four fruits are for Damu Anna, let them lie there". This Damu Anna had three wives. According to his statement mentioned above, he had not three but two wives only. He had no issue. He consulted many astrologers and himself studied astrology to some extent and found that as there was a 'papi' inauspicious planet in his horoscope, there was no prospect of any issue to him in this life.

    But he had great faith in Baba. When he went to Shirdi, two hours after the receipt of the mango parcel, for worshipping Baba, He said, "Though other people are looking for the mangoes, they are Dammya's.

    Sai Satcharitra Hindi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    Dabholkar acknowledged Baba as Muslim. Gunaji added section of his own Vedantic explanation not found in Mr. Many of the knowledge and thoughts of Hindu sacred books were included in Mr. Gunaji clearly avoided any reference,incidence or action which is of Muslims ,Muslim Practices and Sufi Perceptions,in actual followed by Sai Baba. Some important deletion.

    Dabholkar recorded whatever is been told by Baba in Urdu to keep the sanctity of words, Mr. Gunaji omitted all the urdu words told by Baba. The most important Abdul Baba lived 28 years with Baba as Personal Assistant his name has come in passing references only three times but not detailed about him. Though the people even met once were talked about in two pages sometimes. Abdul Baba maintained a diary where Sai Baba often asked him to write his thoughts.

    That diary is not translated yet. It must reach to as many people as possible. Connect our Blog!