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    Explore Next Generation Two Stroke Engine with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper. A new generation of two stroke engine The 2-stroke engine is the best engine based on power .. See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: https://www. The New Generation Air Cooled 50cc.

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    Next Generation Two Stroke Engine Pdf

    PDF | In April the new European Exhaust Emission legislation for the moped class came into effect. In comparison to the EURO I. PDF | 40+ minutes read | Nowadays, high-pressure gasoline direct injection (GDI ) can The two-stroke cycle, with a new specific design, represents an unconventional but .. generation of two-stroke engines for the future?. The new generation of two-stroke engine NAME: irtrimuzcomcomp.gaESH ROLL NO: 12K81A

    The user has requested enhancement of the downloaded file. All in-text references underlined in blue are added to the original document and are linked to publications on ResearchGate, letting you access and read them immediately. Korman, M. Hirz, R. Kirchberger, B. In comparison to the EURO I regulation the EURO II regulation leads to a significant reduction of the emission components, challenging the engine management and the exhaust gas after treatment systems. The implementation of electronic engine management systems, combined with fuel injection, can support a reduction of exhaust emission components, but a high cost pressure in the 50cc moped class calls for alternative low cost concepts, which are able to fulfill the customer demands powerful drivability, user- friendly handling and to meet the legislation boundaries at the same time.

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    A New Generation of Two Stroke Engine

    The space in the snowmobile cab is very small, the pump must be compact too. Our choice was an aeromotive , driven by a pulley belt.

    This pump is very compact but is also very powerful. The pump can deliver pressure up to PSI, with a flow of pounds an hour, which is more than enough for our application. With this fact in mind we had to rebuild our fuel line to resist that kind of pressure. Several studies prove that it is the worst enemy of the environment.

    While making it cleaner? This new stuff is applied on outboards engines. The tight rules of California forced the manufacturers to develop special features.

    This new system which is made from steel, includes a check valve to avoid a drain back pressure to the pump and maintain the pressure in the line when the snowmobile is not working. The system also includes a pressure regulator. That will insure a constant flow and pressure in the line and increase the security level. The fuel line would have to include relieves valves, with an overflow coming back to the fuel tank, because the pump is driven directly by the engine, which means all the fuel pumped must be used by the engine, if not, the pressure would build up dangerously, up to a point where it can break apart.

    This is why the maximum pressure is set to PSI. The admission system must have a fuel filter to insure no unwanted particles reach critical areas, damaging part like injectors which are easily clogged. The initial position of the spark plugs on our But the injection is not the only thing to do to reach the engine is at center of the cylinder Sees pictures xx. This new standards. Exhaust, soundproofing, suspension and configuration causes a lot of problem to keep the slides join together; make a new ecological sled.

    With this design, we are sure that the position of the components is right and that the sealing is preserved. With this improvement, the snowmobile gets a better power transfer and an increase comfort on the sled. These pieces are installed on the swinging arm of the suspension. It stops the movement of the arm to couple the two parts of the suspension. However, this modification affects the total stroke of the suspensions shocks. So that give a better agreement and handling to the driver.

    Here is a view of the parts that is installed on Finally, to drive fuel injectors, a computer is necessary. It stills the same use for this year. This characteristic permits to keep performance of the engine in higher revolution. To conclude our tunnel modifications, we install a Teflon sleeve in the plastic slides. Because we upgrade the contact of the track on the slides by machining wheels, we were obligated to reduce friction between them.

    These parts are basically made of rubber. Smooth rubber is used to the impact of the swinging arm on the stopper of the suspension. In other way, the fabrication of the sprocket-wheel is not made one by one. The tolerances are not the same for every pieces. The analyze 3. By machining the sprocket That type of technology is already using in high speed wheel, we rebuild the eccentricity.

    We also Coef. Of Friction had to look at the wheels on the track. So at every time that the track pass a wheel, Bronze Steel that gave shocks on the slide and it use prematurely. It Copper Copper 1 directly connected to friction and the engine power. So the machining of them Graphite Steel 0,1 gave a better contact of the track on the slides and Iron Iron 1 reduces friction.

    The wheels bearings could be change too, we change So all those small modifications are going to reduce the them for new sealed bearing. In a perspective to improve the efficiency of the two strokes engine and reduce the bad effect of the combustion, several things on the original conception needed to be changed. The big default of this type of engine is the circulation of the air-fuel-oil mix in general.

    A New Generation of Two Stroke Engine

    This mix is created in the base of the engine and it moves in the top of the cylinder by a difference of pression generated by the displacement of the piston. To permit at this mix to move, a duct between top and base is present. This configuration is the principal cause of the bad output of this kind of engine. In the figure below, we can see all the path of the mix. Secondly, with this modification, the engine can not blow his air perfectly because the pressure originally created in the base is evacuated outside engine by the valve.

    Without this difference of pressure it is not possible to do entry air in the top of the cylinder only with the displacement of the piston. The air must be bringing to the engine with a good pressure to reproduce the original effect.

    This point is explicated in the supercharge section. With these changes, the engine reproduces in part the characteristics of the four-strokes. The air-fuel mix circulates only in the top of the cylinder and the oil stay in the base of the engine. The circulation of the oil is also modified to respect the changes. We only create a circulation system to avoid pressure and temperature raise. In comparison, the four strokes engine has a Supercharger- With changes made on the engine, to configuration that helps to reduce oil to entry in the bring air to the engine is now necessary.

    Many solutions combustion chamber. The oil is isolated in the base of exist on the market. A turbocharger or a supercharger is the engine. Only the air-fuel mix circulates over the the simplest solution to do this. However, their way to piston. When the mix is compressed and burned, the work is very different. In the case of the turbocharger, it result is cleaner then two-strokes. This principle prevents is the exhaust flow that drives all the system and this flow a big part of the pollution and it is recognized in the must be very important to obtain the reaction.

    Another industry. A part In this optic, the two-stroke engine equipped with this of the exhaust need to be changed and an intercooler technology must be interesting and promising. At the first and oil system is absolutely necessary for a good view, several things needed to be changed to realize this operation.

    Finally, the big disadvantages of the modification. Firstly, to stop the exchange between base turbocharger are the presence of a lag time at each and top, the duct must be eliminated. However, this the engine. When the piston moves down in the cylinder the air present in the base can not transfer toward the top and a big pressure is built.

    The simple solution to correct this situation is to install a valve to control the exchange of pressure. Stock Ski-doo SDI. Table 3. As we can see, some of the sleds could not get in the park due to their high sound levels higher than 81,9. We can also get our objective to beat an 80,25 dB A level at 50 feet with our combined modifications. All measurements are also made 50 feet away from the passing sled. In our approach to keep maximum engine The noise produced by the snowmobiles is one of their performance, we decided to use dissipative silencers.

    It can bother the people living near the They create less pressure drop, which ensure a great trails and can be potentially harmful for the snowmobilers exhaust gas flow. We have also perforated the inner pipe themselves. That is why the noise reduction is one of the with holes varying in sizes and lengths. This helps main goals of the CSC.

    We can achieve this goal using silence various frequencies of noise. Our silencers are many different methods. We have used two separate filled with ceramic fibers that absorb the sound waves systems to ensure that our modified sled would be when they come in contact with it.

    The following chart quieter than the original version.

    Technical Papers

    We fabricated a totally shows the decibel reduction in function of the frequency new exhaust system that as a good reduction of noise for a dissipative silencer. However, this chart does not without restricting the exhaust gas and insulated the take into account the variations in the hole patterns but is motor compartment with a new sound damping material. We applied a sound-absorbing barrier inside all the panels surrounding the motor and under the hood.

    This material is made of two layers of polyurethane foam with different densities, joined together by a rubber section. The different densities of foam absorb a wider range of frequencies and help reduce the overall noise. The top foam is also covered with a thin sheet of aluminum to protect the material from heat radiation. It has also a self-adhesive back to facilitate installation.

    Rubber section Heavier Foam.

    We can also see that the reactive silencer is much more effective at our working frequencies. However, it creates a lot of pressure drop in the exhaust gas, which brings a Lighter Foam loss of power and performance.

    The following chart shows the effectiveness level of sound absorption in comparison with the frequency of the noise. In a snowmobile, the sound frequencies vary generally between 50 and Hz. With the Due to the lack of space of the Rev platform from addition of the rubber section, which adds mass to the Bombardier, we had to find a new way to build our barrier, we should get improved results at lower system.

    Using the modified tuned pipe, we made the frequencies. This way, we where able to maximize space usage and keep an aesthetic look. Because the nostrils created holes in our insulated cab, we needed to make sure the noise would not come out or reduce the amount of noise coming out.

    To achieve 3 7 6 this, we used flexible aluminum tubing to create air 8 6 ducks. Because the air will be forced in, this will also everywhere because it caused interference with some help reduce the noise. This was the case with the intake chamber and in the left After installing the ducks, we applied our sound side panel and the clutch cover. We have also added absorbing material under the hood to cover the ducks, some foam in the intake box to further minimize the which completed the insulation.

    Now that the cab is mostly closed and that there is not Finishing touches — To finalize the soundproofing, we much air circulation, we could, have over-heating used self-adhesive rubber strips to seal the junctions problems. This way, we minimize the that critical.

    On the other hand, it can cause problem on sound leaks where we have gaps and improve our sound the electrical components. Also, the exhaust system insulation. We needed some kind of ventilation.

    New exhaust and soundproofing. Frequency Hz. Miscellaneous Located at the front of the snowmobile, they force cold Energy saving versus beam changing.


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